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Fast grow profit Hourly&Instant Withdraw from Hour888.

Its easy way to increase your profit hourly,you can earn up to 15% per hour also investment as low as $5.we offer 3%~10% commission for every deposit.Its easy to earn more and Start to earn your passive hourly profit.

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[Promo]Hour888 2 month online

Date:2017-06-12 08:58:44

Dear members

Hour888 already 2 month online and we already get 14000 active members also receive about $2,838,430 investment ,its very remarkable achievement,also we paid out $1,192,237.its mean more and more customer choose us and re-invest hour888.

Hour888 is already on good profit so we would like to start a 7 days promo for thanks your support.

Bonus deposit(Expire on 19th June )
1.deposit $300~$500 will get 10% (first 20 members)
2.deposit $501~$1000 will get 20% (first 10 members)
3.deposit $1001~$3000 will get 30% (first 5 members)
4.deposit $3000~$5000 will get 40% (first 3 members)

click this link to make deposit.

If encountering any problems, please send e-mails to us or ask for online customer service.

Best Regards.
Founder,CEO,Robert Eric.
Hour888 Limited.

Server Upgraded Successfully

Date:2017-04-30 17:48:45

Dear Members
Due to server management,so you can not access about 4~5 hours,our programmer is moved server to higher plan ,its better to suit for our business in the future.

We got 4000 active customer in last month and $750K investment,Hour888 is got rapid growth.many team from Nigeria,Indonesia,Vietnam,United Kindom etc is open conference offline.its best chance to build your team and earn more commission from hour888.

We will try to improve our service and try our best to help our investor to earn more on hour888.

Best Regards.
Founder,CEO,Robert Eric.
Hour888 Limited.

Deposit option is work again

Date:2017-04-24 22:05:46

Dear members

Some members reported they can not made deposit when you click process,our programmer already find it and fixed,we will improve our service depend on our customer desire.

Hour888 already reach 6810 members and receive $583134 deposit,its a great start for us.we will try our best to help members to earn profit hourly.

If you have any question about hour888,please dont hesitate to ask for online service or by email,admin@hour888.com.

Best Regards.
Founder,CEO,Robert Eric.
Hour888 Limited.

Bitcoin available to deposit.

Date:2017-04-10 23:25:37

Dear members
We found coinpayments is show too many option for deposit ,its make some confuse for our members.so we are remove other option.you will see very clear bitcoin option for deposit.you will able to deposit and earn in next hour.

I have to thanks for our members report,it will improve our service,if you have any problem you can ask online customer service or support ticket to us,we will reply you as soon as possible.

Best Regards.
Founder,CEO,Robert Eric.
Hour888 Limited.

Hour888 is launch officially

Date:2017-04-04 10:19:48

Dear members.

I am very glad to annonce hour888 is officaly launched today,our team its prepare for this moment for a very long time,hour888 is a professional team of foreign exchange trading company, legally registered in terms of British law. The company has already gained 8 year forex investing experience.

We offer opportunity to everyone who want to make money start from $5,you can test it after you can make decision to make long-term cooperation with hour888,you can receive your profit hourly also you will able to withdraw instantly.

If encountering any problems, please send e-mails to us or ask for online customer service.

Best Regards.
Founder,CEO,Robert Eric.
Hour888 Limited.

I have started 3 days ago and have almost invest 2 different kind of plan and earned around 525 $.i will try more plan in next few days,I am very happy with this real online business.

Henry Matthew

I love this work and We started on the recommendations of a good friend.now we have NO regrets!!You can do the same also.here is a solid biz that will be around in our and your lifetime.

Akamere Olaseni

This is by far the most awesome program that I have ever seen, and the most easiest program to make money on the Internet. Keep up the good work because this is awesome.

Vicky Chen